Over the past few years we have provided several workshops and seminars on topical issues. These include:

A debriefing is a meeting that focuses primarily on a traumatic event and its effects on individuals. When a significant crisis occurs, the individuals involved may benefit from an opportunity to talk about the experience as a group.

A range of educational workshops and seminars are designed and facilitated based on the needs of the Organisation. These can include;

  • Retirement Planning Workshops for employees over 50 years old with a medical doctor, an accounting/financial expert and a psychologist
  • Stress Management/Time Management/Conflict Resolution/Trauma Management Workshops
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Classroom Management for Teachers

Culturally relevant testing services are provided including psychological evaluations, psychoeducational evaluations and pre/post employment psychological screening.

We are the Regional Branch of the Institute for Forensic Psychology, Inc. (USA), which specializes in assessment of law enforcement candidates; thus assisting management in the selection process.

These services focus on interventions which enhance the level and progress of the client’s rehabilitation.

These programmes are specially designed for managers faced with modern day environmental stressors. Confidential counseling, coaching and consultation services are offered.