“The EAP is a work-site based programme designed to assist: (1) work organizations in addressing productivity issues, and (2) ‘employee clients’ in identifying and resolving personal concerns; including, but not limited to, health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress or other personal issues that may affect job performance.” Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2009.

A full EAP extends beyond counselling to include:

  • Staff Development Services: We offer a range of educational workshops and seminars designed and facilitated to cater to the needs of the organization. These include Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Retirement Planning Workshops, as well as other special topics/issues relevant to the organization.
  • Management Consultation: Confidential coaching and consultation designed for stressors managers face.
  • Retrenchment Services: Support is provided to organizations expecting changes to staff resources including consultation with human resource professionals. Retrenched persons, family, staff remaining, and the community impacted are also included.


Benefits of an EAP to the Employer:

Studies have shown increased work productivity by up to 86% and reduced absenteeism by up to 64%. EAPs also prevent measurable losses due to performance problems such as:

  • Tardiness
  • Abuse of sick leave
  • Accidents


Benefits of an EAP to the Employee:

Users of EAPs have reported significant improvement in overall life satisfaction, ability to concentrate at work, and reduced workplace distress. The right help is available at the right time in the form of:

  • Support
  • Information
  • Referrals