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In this episode Clinical Director, Dr. Natalie Humphrey discusses the mindset surrounding habits and why we continue to make decisions that affect us negatively. She also gave some tips as to how we can take practical steps towards changing our behaviors.

In this episode we look at the situation where arguments occur before heading to work. The negative impacts it can have on the participants during the course of the day and how it affects their performance in their profession. We also explore some solutions to the situation.

This is the first episode of the People Matter(s) podcast. The host, Assata and the Executive Director of the sponsoring company, Dr. Elder comes together to tell you a bit about themselves, the company and the reason for the podcast.

Assata is a Personal Developmental Consultant, mother, wife and person with a keen interest/curiosity about people and how we function, consciously or unconsciously within our space. She worked in education all of her life.

Her academic background is in the social sciences – sociology, followed by a MSc. in Work and Organisational Psychology.

She is a trained Life/Career Coach and work with persons who desire personal upgrades in any area of their life and that are curious about themselves.

To find out more about Dr. Elder and her company Elder Associates Limited please visit