Is technology destroying the life of the children of the next generation? We cannot say for sure but what we can say for sure is that technology is certainly reshaping the life of our children.

Ever heard a child screaming for a tablet or the new hip android device instead of old school toys? How about a child refusing to go outside to actually play with the neighbour’s children and would rather stay inside playing computer games with that same neighbour’s children? Or how about my personal favourite…texting each other and conversating on facebook even though they’re literally sitting next to each other!

Yes this is the unfortunate reality of the world today. No longer do we have a soulful joyous laugh, now we prefer to type ‘lol’ with an expressionless face. No longer is friendship judged by close intimate bonds with people but rather its judged by the amount of facebook friends you have. The real tragedy here, it’s not only adults doing this…but children as well.

Some even describe today’s kids as the lost generation. This sounds like an exaggeration but if you look at the specifics, it’s really not. Children today are obsessed with laptops, tablets, cell phones, iphones, and smart phones. But do they learn about social interaction and emotional communication from these devices? If they actually met a sad person, would they be able to even read facial expressions to tell whether that person is sad? If they go to a party, would they even know how to mix and mingle with real flesh and blood people? Or would they prefer to spend the entire night texting on their phones?

Yes technology is indeed beneficial to the world but on the flip side of that coin, its singlehandedly destroying what it means to be a child…running and playing outdoors, then coming home covered in mud, listening to your parents quarrel about your muddy clothes…but all the while smiling and thinking, “God I can’t wait till tomorrow to play with my friends again!”

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