About Us

With over 25 years’ experience, Elder Associates Limited is a leading private organization dedicated to a complement of psychological services on an organizational and individual basis. This range of services includes, but is not limited to, testing and training services; group counselling, as well as marital, family and individual counselling services.

Our company is largely recognized regionally for its competency in the design and implementation of Employee Assistance Programmes, or EAP’s. In addition, we offer a plethora of other services within the professional psychology field, which consist of:

  • Adjunctive Therapy Centre Services
  • Management Assistance Programmes
  • Counselling services
  • Staff Development Services
  • Pre-Employment Screening Services
  • Psychodiagnostic Services

Our logo is quite an accurate representation of our core values and intentions. We come together in a caring, professional environment to support our clients in re-establishing balance in their lives – mind, body and spirit.