Being a child whose parents have largely contributed towards their upbringing, and worked hard to give them the best of everything that they possibly can, it is but natural for them to keep certain expectations from their children when it comes to their achievements and accomplishments in life. By virtue of being human, every child has certain dreams and ambitions that they wish to achieve at some point in their lives, which has the tendency to stress them out every once in a while. However, the stress experienced by children amplifies over time, especially when they come to realise their parents are also rooting for them to live up to their expectations and hopes.

Every parent wants their child to be the best in their field, and ace everything that they ever attempt to do. This may, at times, cause them to set the bar really high; so much so that it may even lead to them having unrealistic expectations from their children. Despite the fact that such expectations are kept keeping in mind the best interests of the child; many-a-times parents may unknowingly end up putting constant pressure over them to achieve their parental dreams and ambitions. It is thus important that parents both acknowledge as well as accept the significant differences between pressure and motivation


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