Elder Associates Continues 30 Year Milestone Celebrations

Elder Associates Limited (EAL) continues to celebrate 30 years of serving the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Greater Caribbean Region. A Thanksgiving Service and Brunch in honour of the dedicated care team members  of EAL will be hosted at EAL’s Tacarigua offices, with the service officiated by Pastor Brian Rochester on Friday, June 16, 2023 from 9:00 a.m.

Themed The Journey, the celebrations commemorate the historyencapsulated in each decade that the company has successfully traversed with professionalism, resilience, and equipoise. It began with The Origins, which highlighted the CEO/Founder Dr. Patricia Elder’s response to the call to establish an organization that would provide professional mental health support to the populace. The event took place in Charlotteville, Tobago, in recognition of the village of her ancestors.

Other celebratory events representing EAL’s three decades include, The Growth of Elder Associates Limited and The Transition: The Present, Future and Beyond. These events will focus on EAL’s growth and establishment as a leader in its field while gaining accreditation in January 2013 as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service provider in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The events will also serve as opportunities for reflection on the company’s past, its present, and its focus on the future.

As with any organization, Elder Associates Limited has undergone a number of changes. EAL continues to embrace and be gratified by these changes which, to date, have only made the company even more resilient and determined to continue on The Journey.