Dr. Natalie Humphrey is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in treatment of complex mental illness and behavioral health for individuals living with chronic illness.  She is committed to public awareness of how medical and mental health issues that impact the lives of individuals in the workplace.   Dr. Humphrey is currently the Clinical Director at Elder Associates Limited, where she provides clinical supervision to psychologists throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  As a counsellor, Dr. Humphrey aims to support her clients in development of skills that promote mental and physical wellness.

Dr. Humphrey previously held an appointment as the Director a behavioural health program New York City, where she provided support to families impacted by chronic illness. Dr. Humphrey has provided training to medical and mental health providers with emphasis on how to provide compassionate care to individuals who suffer from medical conditions.  A former adjunct professor of Barnard College and School of Visual Arts, Dr. Humphrey has also introduced hundreds of students to the practice of psychology. She has published scholarly writings on models of mental health care in medical settings and the psychological impact changes to one’s health and wellness.  Dr. Humphrey completed a doctorate of philosophy from Saint Louis University in 2005, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in health psychology at Emory University in 2006.