ronald2As the Director at Elder Associates Limited, Mr. Ronald Tagallie prides himself on efficiently and promptly responding to the needs on his clients. He sees his role as one that lends the opportunity to fulfil a sense of purpose through prompt & responsive action.

For him, it is important for the services at Elder Associates Limited to always be available & accessible, as it seeks to prioritize the importance of psychological well-being of citizens. At EAL, a major part of his objective is to ensure that looking at all aspects facilitates a tailoring of needs that are sometimes overlooked by wider society. He believes that it is great that EAP exists, because organizations and families can now become more in-tune to looking after their own well-being. He underscores the importance of having services readily and comfortably accessible to all when needed.

At the very core of his motivation to serve is his respect for people. He explains: “The love for my job is not easily described. I care for these human beings, and there is no monetary compensation for caring. I simply work for the betterment of every individual, and the edification of our national community. This career is a calling for many, and I am simply happy for the opportunity to be a part of this esteemed profession.”

Through his eyes, there is a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment in giving impeccable customer experience in the field of psychology. He understand that the best service can only come from the best service providers, and he sincerely believes that one of the strengths of Elder Associates Limited resides on his team’s collective ability to bring both corporate and individual clients into a familiar space into which they have built great confidence and where clients can be guided to proper direction and support.